2014 Demo

by Infantile Dissention

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Recorded and mixed by the infamous Code Tron at the Parasite Farm Fall 2014 (circleastudios.wordpress.com)

Cover art by Damian 'The Power' Grind

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released September 24, 2014




Infantile Dissention Victoria, British Columbia

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Track Name: Hidden Ploy
Distress in seminary,
dogma's such a bore.
Distress in school,
seminary hidden ploy.

Teachers teach drudging youth,
raised for their countries good.
Priests praying to christi
trick people, with a spook.

Distress in seminary,
dogma's such a bore.
Distress in school,
seminary hidden ploy.

CEO's play with capital,
value is their ghost.
Followers provide adulation,
worship is a hoax.

Distress in seminary,
dogma's such a bore.
Distress in school,
seminary hidden ploy.
Track Name: Greasy Sludge Vampires
Oily frackers from below, Southwestern Energy. Descending upon the North East, profit driven race hate. Backed up by the local paramilitary organization; "Defending the Law", intimidating threats from RCMP. Their motto reinstills the horrifying reality, their law is disturbing violence and brutality.
Mi'kmaq blockade, for the land and the water. For the land and the water!

Settler and indigenous communities working together for a future, defending the land from the rampage of state capitalist institutions. Sociopaths with C8 carbines guided by a paycheck and race antipathy descend on the Mi'kmaq blockades with careless force and hostility.

Passivity and non-action's what the state wants to see, support the anti fracking warriors fighting for peace.
Track Name: Ignoble Dutch Hell
Shell's hell's grown large in petrol rich delta.
Mandate of minions, they've embedded staff into
all the main ministries of the Nigerian government.
The crown got thrown away, a corporation takes its place.

Shell's hell's not red, but oozing black sludge, oil inferno.

Insertion of their staff into every state department,
infiltration of Nigeria's every deliberation.
Information exchanged with United States diplomats
helps western colonialism crush rebellion.

In Shell's hell crude flows. Bolt metal pipes tangle dust, old, corroded.

Execution, torture, arrest, detention,
Shell is scared and reacting with aggression.
Present-day colonial and imperialistic expansion
are what corporations strive for, profit, no compassion.

Shell's hell, no choice. Forced on to the people of Niger Delta.
Track Name: Always in the Peripheral
Through your peripheral vision,
you take a glance
at the disguised horrors around you.
Diverted egos ignore
ultra violent nightmares.
Media frenzy gives horrid pictures
soft easy words.

Murder's just a game, 2nd or 1st degree?
Mind the loss of freedom, feel safe, secure.
Destruction of nature boosts the economy.
Imperialism's cloaked as liberation
so that death is an acceptable loss.

Material conditions change, will you too?
Choice of action is gone,
you're labelled a terrorist.
Peripheral vision becomes center gaze.
Always in the peripheral.
Track Name: Demonized
There was once a village that lived in a state of constant despair, fearing the demons who lurked the mountains surrounding there. Taking people, stealing food, they did as they pleased. There were no acts of tact, why did they enact such hostility?

Perhaps it was reprisal against the humyns who cleared the mountain top. Hostile, awfully volatile, humyn empathy is no charity. The demonized are vilified by the soft fleshy beings. It's not the demons who should be feared but the humyn meat bag.

Organize and neutralize,
force the humyns into fleeing.
Protect nature and create a world
where demons aren't grieving.
Organize and neutralize!
Organize and neutralize!
Track Name: It's Only Natural
When you take a bite into your slaughterhouse special
I want to take a chomp through your blood vessels.
But don't worry, I'll use your sound logic,
it's justified because I need the protein.
Don't worry, the Earth's over populated.
Don't worry, it's only natural.
Don't worry, cold feet is normal,
in my oven apprehension melts away.
Track Name: Static Life
My life runs like clockwork,
every motion monitored closely.
My life runs like clockwork,
every motion monitored closely.
Hi, I'm citizen 3A675, my individuality's been swept aside. Constant surveillance by smarty pants superior helps me keep my stride. The dull unchanging grim condition can be somewhat of a pain, but I just don't think about it, push the off switch in my brain.

Static environment, grey compact, cold and mundane.
Evolved iron liver, drink methanol to stay sane.
Concrete towers scratch the sky, keeps vitamin D away.
Relaxation's alien to my body, all I know is strain.
Bruised tired meat jelly, I'm sore and passively drained.
Working to buy food so I can work another day.
The food I can afford is a mystery meat steak,
when consumed it causes decay, get bloaty and rot away.
Rot away, no other way, life is pain, what a shame.

A life controlled like clockwork,
every motion monitored closely.
Is that a vision of the machine age,
or nightmare of a forlorn world?
One cog out of position, mind gouged, molded to be blind.
Has the machine age dawned or is it still down the assembly line?
Track Name: Radio Schizo (Rudimentary Peni)
Transatlantic titanic freakshout, radio schizo.
New empire's devouring old, radio schizo.
The one's called sane wanna self destruct, radio schizo.
Peoples caught in poison webs, radio schizo.
Chains their brains to the media mains, radio schizo.
Fabel and label make your tower of babel, radio schizo.
Radio schizo....