2015 Demo

by Infantile Dissention

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Recorded and mixed by the infamous Code Tron at the Parasite Farm, Spring 2015

Artwork by Matt Sidney

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released June 3, 2015




Infantile Dissention Victoria, British Columbia

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Track Name: Pride & Privilege
The historically marginalized, oppressed, jailed, ostracised, reclaiming identity through radical anti-mainstream organizing. Liberation, pride and power movements are about social reconstruction, white power and men's rights promote conservative values. Their purpose isn't to reclaim identity but to force complacency.

They've been in control since forever and they're ok with that! White only exists as an opposition to black, which in itself is used to generalize an ethnically diverse group of people. Celebrating whiteness doesn't end the historical exclusion, it just celebrates a history of domination and persecution.

All male, traditional roles, cynical, blind of privilege. They think a women only space is the same as a male exclusive business! They're not the same, the former is a liberating effort to explore identity and be free of patriarchal oppression. The latter is a continuation of history, sexual discrimination. White power and men's rights are nothing more than oppression.
Track Name: Cute Boys
You're shit faced shouting homophobic slurs. You hate other boys that think you're cute.

You're threatened by their sexuality, and you moan: "What is the world coming to?"

You're insecure and afraid that men might treat you in a similar way that you've treated women all your life. Your misogyny and homophobia are hand in hand.
Track Name: Marching To Pretoria
The dawning of nationalism seeds imperial thought. Marching to Pretoria for the British empire. Pearly white combatants duel for supremacy, a racist war for dominion over land and the apartheid.

Naivety and prejudice, the colony of Canada takes a swing. Identity from colonial exploitation turning to imperialism. Ashes from Turtle Island reach South Africa, the next front line of revulsion.

Concentration camps litter a scorched earth, separation through apartheid, no freedom of movement. Government assassins and relentless harassment, another point in history brought about through misery. Sky scraping walls barbed with patriotism and Christianity justify the facade of civil dogma.
The Boer War, Canada's first act of imperialism, reminiscent of the colonial wars which established its supremacy.
Track Name: Symbols So Civil
Pomposity is an understatement,
self absorbed society.
Symbols so civil, full of hot air,
defense against uncertainty.
My insignificance overbears me,
shrivel inside fantasize pride.
Silly little humyn race, so cute so pitoot.

Hollow existence
looking for substance
turned up dry,
roll around and cry.
No intrinsic meaning?
Ego takes a beating.

Pomposity is an understatement,
self absorbed society.
Symbols so civil, full of hot air,
defense against uncertainty.
My insignificance overbears me,
shrivel inside fantasize pride.
Silly little humyn race, so cute so pitoot.

Looking to space
on our tiny little orb.
Through a magnified lens
countless more are exposed.
Are there out there,
do other beings hope?

Human supremacy? Devised contrived,
shrivel inside fantasize pride.
Track Name: Only 1700 Hectares
The lands of Alberta are getting rusty and only industry can oil them up. Auctioned off, I buy small but the accumulated effect is so big. I buy small but I don't stop, I keep going, it's perpetual, it's ongoing, it's depleting and for the caribou it's defeating. Who cares, who knows, short attention what? What the fuck, shut up. I buy small small small, only 1700 hectares. Sure it's small, so was the last 1700, and the 1700 before that. Management buys small as to keep a hush and downplay the fuss.

But I don't stop, no I keep going, it's perpetual, it's ongoing, it's depleting, and for the caribou it's defeating. We'll frack frack fucking frack and the poisoned water will make your body go crack. No consent, our government granted legality confirms success. It's the Alberta oil authority, and empathy is out of stock, all gone. Our last customer bought it all, cleaned out the shelves. Their name is 'Fuck Off and Die' and they're here to stay to make you pay. It's a capitalists dream and it ain't friendly.
Track Name: R.B.C.
Invest with delusion in Canada's largest financial institution. Investing in prisons, tarsands bitumen, funding resource extraction with 6.9 billion. Racist employment and accounting policies, skin colour's what they care about, as much as capital and property. Hiring foreign workers so they can pay them dirt, destroying life on earth as long as the economy isn't hurt.

Burn them out!

They'll respond with,
we'll respond with,
I'll respond with,
we'll respond with flame!
Engulf their banks in flame!

Now finally in B.C. someone's set the standard, but the face of the action is subject to slander. Spreading misleading bullshit about public safety, as if this act of liberation could hurt their community.

Racist Bigot Capitalists!