Inordinate Deathrock Discord

by Infantile Dissention

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Recorded and mixed by the infamous Code Tron at Haus Of Vag, Fall 2016

Artwork by Matt Sidney

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[SHIT] wants man to be active and to engage in action with all his energies; it wants him to be manfully aware of the difficulties besetting him and ready to face them. It conceives of life as a struggle in which it behooves a man to win for himself a really worthy place, first of all by fitting himself (physically, morally, intellectually) to become the implement required for winning it. As for the individual, so for the many, and so for mankind.


released October 28, 2016




Infantile Dissention Victoria, British Columbia

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Track Name: Trans Panic
Bound by vile masculinity, humiliated for being a girl, fuck society. Blank staring faces turn to laughter.

You're one of the prettier traps I've seen, how 'bout you come home with me? Harassed in the street and ostracized. Are you one of those trannies? That makes me uncomfortable! Alienated, fucking angry, trannies hate you.
Track Name: Organic Crumbs // Brood Of Death
Carbon based bit organic beings,
moving, changing, multiplying.
An azoic rock becomes home.
Collection of compounds,
complexity grants audacity,
intricacy and risks.

Carbon based organic bodies,
toiling, reaping, suffering.
Haunted by nothingness.
Whether this is competition
or cooperation
it's a war for supremacy.

Homo Urbanus,
those with mechanist minds;
people reduced to biopower.
The once azoic rock
continues revolving
while we're crumbling.

Lives are trifled and retained as a possession, wailing people at a wall and barbing its peak with tension. The impoverished are rejected and wound up, portrayed as the culprit.

The brood of death has lofty ideals for a fraud ridden head of state. A statist so saintly, they joke over blood, over those who've died. Call for the relegation of prime minister to severed head of state.
Track Name: Fasces
I'm Manly Man Superior,
welcome to my progressive state of unity.
In this harmonious world of equality
one works for the good of the community.
Forced cooperation,
a tightly wound butthole
with a bundle of sticks shoved up it.
Follow my guidelines of liberty and happiness
or you will be broken.

Static and rigid, my purity is your practice.
Hoping for the future and living for society.
No action is exempt from moral judgment,
no activity despoiled of moral purpose.
An end to the group vs individual dichotomy,
we are now one in the same.

Manly Man Superior thinks they're all knowing.
Good intentions projected onto all,
no longer unique, now ideal.
You are no egoist,
the state is a body and you are but one cell
of the hangnail that gets torn off.
The fasces tightens as it has before.
Track Name: Polystyrene Graves
Nothing to eat in a synthetic world,
turning to scraps of food and garbage fodder.

When they die of malnourishment tainted by our trash, body and bones will wither away but our plastic trash is here to stay. Graves for the wild creatures of today.
Track Name: Resistance Shit
City gave the go ahead, police escort arranged, compromises were made and a gated off legal protest area was obtained. And everyone will awe at the passive resistance shit.

Protesters were effective in their symbolism as business carried on, inspiring new generations to use words against batons. And while the peace circle holds strong, tree after tree falls, to factories they're hauled.
Track Name: Hidden Ploy
Distress in seminary,
dogma's such a bore.
Distress in school,
seminary hidden ploy.

Teachers teach drudging youth,
raised for their countries good.
Priests praying to christi
trick people, with a spook.

Distress in seminary,
dogma's such a bore.
Distress in school,
seminary hidden ploy.

Yuppies play with capital,
value is their ghost.
Followers provide adulation,
worship is a hoax.
Track Name: Pious // Scumlord
Specks of grime creep around the purity of morals, pushing on past the decree which they themselves set. The violence, the straight faced lies, a hypocritical mess thrown in our face and they expect silence?

Brutality and fear, conditions they claim riddance of are the reflection of their two faced rule. Fractured communities strung together with law. A violently ordered formula, can we deviate?

Fuck off and die slumlord, you make a living off suffering.
Mold ravaged walls, thick humid air, infested with rat nests.

Raise the rent, increase the pressure.
You've fucked us over long enough.
Track Name: Nothingness
This nothingness compels catharsis. Billions of humans wake to nothingness to endlessly consume and create for nothing, it justifies marching on in factory lines.

Scrounging filling their bodies with nothing. Eyes forward, separate bodies with a common goal. Dreams conceived in every mind, called something different to every corpse. They think its different.

The divorce from the daily monotonous (re)actions, force fed distractions. New justifications, always a new means. The goal, the end, a misplaced hope.
Thinking they've defined what was there all along, believing its something.

Lives slipping by, heaps after others, stare it in the face, it's nothing. Complete catharsis to call it what it is, step outside to rest in the shade provided by their growing edifice... its nothingness.

The divorce from the daily monotonous (re)actions, force fed distractions. New justifications, always a new means. The goal, the end, a misplaced hope.
Track Name: Buried
I bury all my bad thoughts in the ground. Thoughts buried deep can't lay with me, I'm safe and sound. I burn up all the bad thoughts through strict fidelity, wont let them show through, just selfish emoting.

My rough 'n tuff brick wall exterior makes me proud. I thought it'd make me feel proud burying myself in the ground. No longer plagued by ego and leaving behind all introspection, I bury all my bad thoughts in the ground, the ever growing mound.
Track Name: Cute Girls
You're shit faced calling me a tranny,
you say I'm a man who's fucked in the head.
You're threatened because I'm a girl with dick,
and you moan: what's the world coming to?
You're too insecure and afraid to look at yourself in a critical way that would question your fragile identity. Fuck off and die.
Track Name: Black Guards
As the great war ends, land and lives lay torn. Eastern Europe is stagnant in strife, caught in the jaws of obedience and enslavement.

The Fascists in Europe or the Tsar of Russia?

No there is another way, an armed resistance to the bloody empires, no amount of reform could address this desire. Marusya, a woman driven to show the patriarchy terror.

Leaving the drudgery of a factory workers life to commit bombings and rob the rich, exiled to the frozen plains of Siberia and fleeing the frost bitten hell. Marusya formed the Black Guards, a militia of terror and will. Seizing land and redistributing wealth, a cell of anarchist terrorizers.

The Soviet alliance ends and purging begins. Anyone not loyal to the state is deemed counter-revolutionary. Overwhelmed by war, the Black Guards come to an end.

These tired lands see no end of poverty and oppression, a cycle that never ceases, people thrown into the machines gears.
Track Name: Kanto Cracks
Kanto cracks, martial law's at my back, an earthquake is cover for political violence. A pretext for the Japanese imperium to crush resistance and kill Korean people. The upper class circulates rumors of Korean's committing acts of violence and destruction; in response, paramilitaries are created.

Burning homes, brutal torture, detention and murder, an inquisition. An ethnic war waged upon the Korean minority, Japan's retaliation to independence movements.

Police and military use the chaos to murder political dissidents. Anarchists are targeted for execution. To vindicate those fallen, those killed at the officers whim, a revenge plot is set but it all falls apart.

Revolver fires, bomb detonates and jail cells crowd. The Rising Sun of war dawns as the revolt for liberation sinks deeper. Kanto cracks, martial law's at my back, the quake kills countless and more will die.